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Our Services

SAG Technologies offers a wide range of IT and project management related services

It Development

SAG develops IT solutions that fit your trade, business, organization

Community Services and Management

We design and implement sustainable development projects to empower youth

Creativity and Entertainment

Media creation, content development, branding and more

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About Us

SAG Technologies is a startup based in Cairo

and founded in 2020 under the umbrella of ECH - Expertise Consultancy House a company with 15 years of experience in community development. The company focuses on the application of IT to entertainment and cultural initiatives, using the newest technology available to empower and professionalize marginalized youth. Operating with tools such as media production, animation, e-commerce and big data analysis, SAG aims to link youth with the entertainment world, service providers and profitable businesses. The company passionately believes that less favored areas are a treasure trove of talents. Technology, assisted by project management, can be used to stimulate, cultivate, and employ talents. As a premise, the company’s vision is to lead the democratization and the access to creative tools and online professional resources for youth of marginalized areas.
SAG is licensed as a sister company of ECH - Expertise Consultancy House, a consultancy firm specialized in community development with more than 20 projects in its portfolio and experience with donors such as UN and EU, and several iNGOs, and perfections the IT development aspect thanks to a team of young specialists. Thanks to its mix of experienced consultants and IT developers, SAG deploys resources to implement technology, improve socio-economic indicators and lead international development programs.

What We Do?

Software Development

Web Marketing Programs


Project Management

E-commerce Platforms

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